Benefits of Physical Therapy Stretching Equipment

3 Ways Physical Therapy Is Beneficial

Sometimes, you may experience weak muscles due to inactivity or injury. A physical therapist is specifically trained to conduct physical training and help in such situations. A physical therapist can help teach you exercises and introduce you to stretching devices that can help you increase flexibility, boost mobility, and regain muscle strength.

Boosted Mobility

By stretching your joints and muscles, you enhance your range of motion. Stretching for recovery is what you need to help you heal faster. Using the proper physical therapy stretching equipment is an important part of boosting your mobility. Be open and honest throughout your PT experience. Inform your physical therapist if the stretching exercises become overly painful or you notice new pains or aches.

Introduction to Ideal Rehabilitation Equipment

Your physical therapist knows the correct and incorrect ways to recover from an injury or surgery. Your PT can introduce you to proper physical therapy equipment for recovery, such as the IdealStretch or the IdealKnee depending on your recovery needs. For example, if you’re recovering from a knee replacement surgery, meniscus repair, or ACL reconstruction surgery, it’s best to use the IdealKnee, as it is designed to aid in knee extension and strengthening.

Pain Relief

When following the instructions of a physical therapist, you can experience great results including pain relief in the affected area. Equipment used by physical therapists can help you strengthen muscles, and therefore, decrease strain in your knees, back, or legs. You can also use stretching equipment, like the IdealStretch and the IdealKnee, at home to improve your recovery even more. 

If you have undergone surgery, physical therapy can help quicken your recovery process. Keep in mind that physical therapy requires commitment and discipline for the best outcome. Your physical therapist can recommend proper PT equipment to help you in your recovery. For more information, resources and products related to your physical therapy needs, visit the TS Ideal Products website.