TS Ideal Products has had a variety of physical therapists and movement experts improve the quality of their patients lives with hands-on care using the IdealStretch and IdealKnee. 

On your back, thread one foot between the two straps so your foot comes to rest against the foot plate at a 90-degree angle. For exceptional physical therapy and leg pain relief, straighten your leg and stretch by pulling on the other end.

No, it does not offer the same adjustability as the IdealStretch. The IdealKnee is designed to help with knee extension and knee pain relief. 

It’s worth the cost if you actually use it everyday and commit to stretching. Those who use TS Ideal Products leg and knee stretching devices on a daily basis can become extremely flexible. For back pain, tight hamstrings, hip and groin muscles, routine use of the IdealStretch will help you feel better. 

Yes, but it should only take you less than a minute to adjust it to your height.

Yes, flexibility is critical for all sports and the IdealStretch will increase flexibility in the calf, knee, hamstring, and lower back. This would be a great tool to stretch before and after your class or activity. Especially effective before and after martial arts, yoga, running, and weight training.

Yes, we provide a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our products. For more information, please read the full description of our return policy in the link below.

While similar, the IdealStretch is used for hips, hamstrings, lower back, groin and abductor muscles to promote a gentle, healthy stretch in these difficult to reach areas. Conversely, the IdealKnee is used for proper knee extension.

No, the Calf Wedge may be purchased separately or in a bundle with the IdealStretch and other items.

IdealStretch ships in two pieces because it is an adjustable tool to the length of your leg to foot.

Nope! The IdealStretch is a fully adjustable leg stretcher and hamstring stretch device. Simply adjust the strap to your preferred height.

Yes, there is very minimal setup. The IdealStretch and the IdealKnee units come in 2 pieces with size adjustment buttons. The device comes with instructional cards to demonstrate its assembly and proper use.

The IdealStretch and IdealKnee are designed to be used with or without a shoe. It is up to your personal preference and what is most comfortable for you.

Yes, all of our devices can be used in the supine position, sitting on the ground, or sitting in a chair. Sit comfortably on your chair, place your leg in the device according to the diagram, straighten your knee letting the heel of your foot rest on the ground. Then hold and pull the handle to stretch your leg.

Yes, the IdealStretch safely targets your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings to alleviate pressure or tension in these muscle groups.

Our stretching devices are not specifically designed to help with shin splints. However, maintaining strength flexibility and proper stretching in the lower calf muscles will help prevent recovery from shin splints.

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We also have additional videos for both the IdealStretch and IdealKnee that can be seen on our Stretches page and Video Library.

The IdealStretch can reduce the pain or strain on your back that can occur if you are inflexible or have not been trained on how to have a proper stretching form.

If you have a sprained ankle, a stretch band can provide a nice simple stretch, but they lack the structural rigidity to prevent further injury. The IdealStretch frame provides a stronger foundation for moving the stretch into a variety of positions without causing possible further damage.

It really depends on how you intend to use the device. Most experts would recommend holding a stretch for 30 – 45 seconds. Although longer duration stretches have also shown to be highly beneficial. How long you stretch depends on your goals and objectives. Stretching for recovery is far different than stretching for warm up or rehabilitation. Consult your healthcare provider or professional physical therapist to receive the best advice for your personal situation. Additionally, our DVD provides a step-by-step process that is available for purchase.