How Stretching Can Improve Your Recovery

Five Ways Stretching Can Improve Your Recovery

You might be tempted to skip stretching and warm up exercises and go directly to your workout, but that’s not a good idea. You might experience fatigue, your exercise session might feel somewhat difficult, or you could increase the risk of injuring yourself. If you do find yourself injured or recovering from a surgery, your body will need time and effort on your part to heal. Below are five benefits of stretching for recovery:

Better Blood Flow

When you stretch regularly, you improve your circulation, increasing blood flow to your muscles. This helps to shorten your recovery time after exercising, reducing muscle soreness. When a person has poor blood circulation, they lack energy and experience muscle tiredness.

Better Posture

When some people attempt to improve their posture, it can feel awkward and lead to muscle tiredness. Strengthening and stretching your muscle groups helps you maintain proper alignment, allowing you to experience reduced back pain, fewer headaches, and better digestion.

Improved Flexibility

Flexibility is vital when it comes to mobility. Not only does better flexibility reduce the risk of injuries and muscle soreness, but it helps with balance issues. This makes moving and engaging in daily activities easier, reducing stiffness or aches.

Improved Physical Performance in Activities

You often see athletes warming up shortly before an event and wonder how it helps their bodies. Stretching improves performance by loosening and warming the muscles beforehand.

Increased Range of Motion

You may not notice it at first, but lack of movement and stretching decreases your full range of motion in your joints, such as your knees. When you don’t have your full range of motion, you have reduced freedom of movement, making it harder to bend, go up or down the stairs, or even reach for something on top of the fridge.

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