IdealStretch IS Better Than Bands or Towels – Here’s Why

1- Foot Placement

The frame of the IdealStretch ensures that the foot will be placed in a stable position during stretching. Foot stability is absolutely critical when attempting to rehab a calf and/or hamstring injury. If the foot moves during the stretch the muscle will not be able to heal as quickly and could potentially make the injury worse. Therefore, the durable frame of the IdealStretch proves to be advantageous for those muscles to get back to full strength as quickly as possible! On the other hand, stretching bands do not provide stability for the foot. These bands can put the foot and hamstrings in undesirable positions which results in hindering the stretch and the recovery process.

2- Optimal Amount of Tension

When using the IdealStretch, you will experience how much leverage you can create with minimal effort. This is a result of the patented support that keeps the knee straight optimizing each stretch. On the contrary, in order to get a stretch using bands you would have to exert a lot of force which would get you a fraction of the results. The Ideal Stretch allows you to increase your flexibility while being in a relaxed position – bands do not.

3- Bang For Your Buck

Until IdealStretch, you had to pay someone to give you an equivalent stretch. Less pain and stiffness means less medications, doctor visits and lost days of work. In addition to offering the best hamstring stretch, you are also getting a product that is going to last for a long time. Cheap stretching bands have a short life span and you would have to buy many of them, over a long period of time, instead of making the long term investment into the IdealStretch.

For more information on the benefits of the product go to the “Benefits” page and see what IdealStretch can do for you!