Who Are Stretching Aids Intended For?

Anyone can experience muscle tightness and discomfort. It can be caused by so many things depending on our age and stage in life. Physical activity, exercise, injuries suffered in accidents, and even lack of movement can be culprits. Stretching for flexibility has many benefits for people of all ages regardless of their activity level.

Here are some of the ways in which stretching benefits people at different stages in their lives.

Stretching for Kids

Children participate in physical activity just by being kids. Running on the playground, riding bicycles, and roller skating are common ways that kids learn how their bodies work. Learning to stretch at young ages can be very beneficial for kids later on in life. Making a habit of proper stretching will allow kids to identify soreness, pain, tenderness, overextension, and symptoms of injuries or warning signs of potential injuries.

Stretching for Adults

Aside from the obvious goals of stretching for recovery and to prevent injury, stretching benefits adults in other ways. When your body and muscles are more relaxed, you feel relief from stress. Even the motions of gentle stretching while enjoying music or a quiet time during the day help your mind to let go of worries while tension melts away.

Stretching also improves circulation, which increases the flow of oxygen to your brain and helps your body function at its best. You will feel more confident to take on the day and get more accomplished successfully when your body feels better.

Stretching for Seniors

Our muscles weaken and lose flexibility naturally as we age. Seniors know this better than anyone. For them, a stretching regimen improves range of motion, reinforces proper posture, and reduces tension and muscle soreness along with the risk of injury. Additional benefits include better coordination and balance, stronger muscle control, and more effective blood circulation.

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